When you need protection and you seek asylum it is important to request a lawyer from Alnashi Law Firm.  We have extensive experience within migration law and we have helped a great deal of asylum seekers obtain residence permits. Through the firms multicultural background we have insight into your specific situation and an understanding of your needs. We oversee your rights and offer qualified advice through every step. The cost of a lawyer is fully paid by the state.


Work permit

Are you thinking about bringing in work force from countries outside of the European Union? Do you personally want to work in Sweden? Do you want to run a company in Sweden? No matter what your needs are we can help you. It is important to us that you are offered professional and time effective help for your specific situation.


Moving to someone in Sweden

Do you have your family in your home country and want to seek a family reunification? Are you in a registered partnership, or are you married or cohabitating with someone who lives in Sweden? In these situations you or your family might have a right to residence permit in Sweden.